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Enjoy Antique Motorcycles & History
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Join us and become a member of the AMCA Legends Chapter.
We have many events planned. Our premier show will be "Antique Bikes On Main" Always the last weekend in July in Chesnee S.C.
This is the show we will choose our "Legend of the Year"
Don't miss this show! We will have our AMCA Legends Hospitality booth with water and a cool place to take a break.
See the Video
We have many rides local and will have a weekend road trip planned. "The Kick Start Classic" is also a fun event to ride. You must be a AMCA National member before you can join a local chapter. Go to link
Dues are $15.00 per year starting in January. Spouse add $5.00.
If you pay dues now it will be for 2018 dues.
Please download application form .pdf. Checks or Money Order for payment accepted. PayPal Instant Membership Below Or
Make checks out to: AMCA Legends Chapter. Please include your AMCA number. Mail signed application form to:
Amca Legends Chapter
P.O. Box 442
Chesnee S.C. 29323
If you have any questions I will be glad to answer.
Bud Blair / President 
AMCA Legends Chapter
Application .pdf
Amca Legends
By-Laws  .pdf


Pay with PayPal  $16.00 individual . Add $5.00 for spouse
You must be a AMCA National member before you can join a local chapter. Please go to link  and get your national number. Same number will work if you add a spouse.
Please click button below and provide your Names - Amca National # - Phone- Address -Email By clicking on Blue button "Special instructions to seller (optional)"  Just add your Amca national number to the end of your last name. Example:  John Smith-21345 
Make payment. Welcome to the AMCA Legends Chapter !
($1.00 added for PayPal cost)

I agree to the following when using the PayPal payment button:
If accepted, I hereby agree to conform to the rules and by-laws of the AMCA and futher to agree to render my services whenever possible to club activities. I also agree to hold harmless the AMCA Legends Chapter
or its officers for the loss of or injury to my property or myself and to
assume full responsibilty for any loss or injury in which I may become
involved by reason of club activity.
Dues are billed annually for the club's fiscal year beginning January 1st.
Memberships conferred after November 1st will include all of the succeding year. There is no prorating of fees for late memberships.
Members who have not renewewed  by March 1st will be considered delinquent and dropped from club membership. It is required that AMCA Legends Chapter members are also members in good standing with the National AMCA.